Exhibitors at the 2018 Annual Conference

Multi Radiance super pulsed laser therapy devices treat a variety of common conditions in Companion, Equine and Exotic animals. From relieving pain to healing wounds, our lasers offer a practice proven and research validated, non-invasive, safe and effective treatment option with no side effects—all at an affordable price.


Chi Dog: is a TCVM Food Therapy food for dogs.   We crafted 5 diets for the 5 Elements.  Each is designed to support that Element’s in-borne tendencies.  We use fresh, human grade ingredients and ship to your hospital or directly to your patients. We are veterinarian owned and operated.

Respond Systems, Inc (RSI) has been manufacturing both cold laser and PEMF therapy in the USA for over 30 years.  As a leader in development and research, RSI’s mission is to improve the lives of animals through two of the most effective, versatile, and non-invasive therapy modalities on the market today.


Digatherm, LLC. is the leader in innovation for Digital Thermal Imaging in large and small animal practices. DTI is a solution for screening all patients that cannot communicate their symptoms. We are introducing New IR Flash Pro Vet Specific Software for ease on integrating this valuable tool in your practice.



Created by TCVM veterinarians Dr. Casey Damron and Dr. Marc Smith, PET | TAO combines TCVM's Food Therapy with Western Nutritional Science. Our nineteen-product lineup includes NEW freeze-dried dog food, canned dog food, dog and cat treats, and dog and cat supplements. There are many ways to work with us. Get wholesale pricing, your own affiliate link, discounts for Chi Alumni, and digital materials to educate your clients for increased compliance and awareness of TCVM. 


Photonic Health, LLC provides professional, innovative, wireless, custom-pulsed LED technologies for applications on all animals. FDA registered, listed & cleared.

The Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute was founded in 2014 in the Ocala, FL. Our mission is to offer top-notch integrative veterinary medicine certification exclusively to licensed veterinarians. Our faculty consists of world-renowned integrative veterinary practitioners and instructors. We are proud to offer unique continuing education training courses to veterinarians.

Orthotics designed uniquely for your dog. Our dog leg braces help pets, veterinarians, and therapists across the globe. When surgery isn't an option, Go Hero.