August 30, 2019
Airport pickup

August 31, 2019


Opening Ceremony and Greetings from Leaders (Ministry of Agriculture, CAU, WATCVM and Ruipeng)

TCVM for the Treatment of Pruritic Canines

Dr. Huisheng Xie

TCVM for the Treatment of Erythma

Dr. Hsiang Tan Lin (Taiwan)

Clinical Application of the TCVM Balances Among the Patient, Caregiver and Environment for the Treatment of Skin Conditions in Dogs

Dr. Hsiang Tan Lin (Taiwan)

TCVM for Mange and Demodex

Dr Hanwen Cheng (Taiwan)

 PM TCVM Dermatology-Avoid Common Mistakes and Improve Clinical Outcome Dr. Ron Koh (USA)
Top Herbal Formulas for Dermatological Conditions  Dr. Mitsie Vargas (USA) 
How to Use the Balance Method Distal Acupoints to Treat Skin Conditions Dr. Antonio Alfaro (Costa Rica) 

TCVM Dermatology: Balance Homemade Food Therapy Made Easy

Dr. Ron Koh (USA)

TCVM Food Choice for Canine Dermatitis

Dr. Shu Dai (China)

Four Equine Skin Case Studies

Dr. Carole Holland

A Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Approach to Treating Skin Masses in Horses: 2 Cases

Dr. Judith Saik (USA)

TCVM Rounds

Dr. Aituan Ma (China)

September 1, 2019


TCVM Approach to Immune-Mediated Disease

Dr. Huisheng Xie

Case Study for Canine Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Dr. Huisheng Xie

The Integration of TCVM and Rehabilitation for the Treatment in Severe IVDD Cases

Dr. Ching Ming Liu (Taiwan)

TCVM Longterm Management of Immune-Mediated Cytopenias (IMHA & IMTP)

Dr. Ron Koh (USA)

TCVM for Treating Autoimmune Diseases of Skin

Dr. Ron Koh (USA)


Case study: IMHA

Dr. Mushtaq Memon (USA)

The Use of Yi Guan Jian In Management of Canine Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Chronic Nonregenerative Anemia: Case Report

Dr. Richard E. Palmquist (USA)

Use of TCVM for the Treatment of Erythema Multiforme Complex in a Dog

Dr. Jenny Liu (USA)

Herbal Solutions for the Treatment of Stomatitis and Gingivitis in Small Animals

Dr. Tatang Cahyono (Indonesia)

Sinonasal Aspergillosis in Golden Retriever

Dr. Kaori Kanemitsu (Australia)

TCVM Treatments on a Golden Retriever Infected by Canine Distemper Virus

Dr. Zhibin Guan (China)

The Effect of Electro-Acupuncture and Acupuncture at ST-1, ST-2, ST-36, and SP-6 on Intraocular Pressure of Normal Male Beagle Dogs

Dr. Sakyeng Shin (South Korea)

Review of the Pharmacological Nature of Glucocorticoids from the Perspective of Traditional Veterinary Herbology and Reasonable Clinical Application

Dr. Moosook Kang (South Korea)

TCVM and Rehabilitation for Facial Paralysis in Horses

Dr. Jose Zilberschtein Juffe (Spain)

Study In The Measurement Of Acute Stress In Normal Beagle Dogs Through The Use Of Wireless Sensor Technologies In Acupuncture Sessions

Dr. Jose Zilberschtein Juffe (Spain)

Prophylaxis and Treatment of Chinese Herbs on Bovine Reproductive and Obstetrical Diseases

Dr. Li Mu (China)

Treatment of Retained Placenta in Dairy Cows: Comparison of a Systematic Antibiotic with an Orally Administered Herbal Powder Based on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Dongan Cui (China)

The Integration of Essential Oils in my TCVM Practice

Dr. Larry McCaskill (USA)

TCVM Treatment of a Severe Bacterial Infectious Pneumonia Case caused by Canine Parvovirus – An Isolated Clinical Case

Dr. Yadong Sun (China)

Equine Acupuncture

Dr. Silvia do Valle (USA)

September 2, 2019


Enhancing the Effects of Acupuncture Needling by the Active Release of Emotional Blockages in Veterinary Acupuncture

Dr. Charlotte MacFarlane (Canada)

Top 5 Tips of my 50-year TCVM Clinical Experience

Dr. Jingrong He (China)

How I Approach TCVM with a New Patient

Dr. Irwin Ruderman (USA)

Golden Needle Wang Le Ting- Exploring the Usage of Acupuncture Points at the Back

Dr. Chan Kok Kiong (Malaysia)

Effect of Acupuncture on GI motility

Dr. Aituan Ma (China)

A Randomised and Controlled Study of the Efficacy of Yin Qiao San Combined with Antibiotics compared to Antibiotics alone for the treatment of Feline Upper Respiratory Disease

Dr. David Hirsch (USA)

Retrospective evaluation of implant acupuncture (gold bead implantation) in dogs and cats with spondylosis deformans

Dr. Erol Güçlü Gülanber (Tukey)

Combination of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Iontophoresis for treatment of chronic progressive cervical intervertebral disk disease in a dog Drs. Jiahao Lin* Haidong Pang, Jingwen Cui

Acupuncture treatment of hind limb paralysis in rabbit: a case report

Dr. Yihan Li

Coxofemoral Pain Relief and Joint Mobility Efficacy Comparison Between Electro-acupuncture and Laser acupuncture in Canine Degenerative Joint Disease

Dr. Pitchayanin Chomsiriwat (Thailand)

Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Controlled by Classical Formulas

Dr. Lien, Chien-min (Taiwan)

Acupuncture treatment for Kidney Yin and Qi Deficiency DJD in a senior German shepherd

Dr. Ying Quan

TCVM Treatment for Idiopathic Vestibular Syndrome in Dogs

Dr. Ruying Lin

Integrative TCVM Approach to Feline Excessive Grooming

Dr. Lorena Lloret (Spain)

Integrative TCVM Approach to Cancer Patients

Dr. Lorena Lloret (Spain)

Analgesic Effect of Electroacupuncture in Dogs Undergoing Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) Surgery

Dr. Lorena Lloret (Spain)

TCVM Round Discussion

Dr. Huisheng Xie