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Tour A 
August 31-September 2, 2019 for family and friends of conference attendees

Day 1 (8.31): Jiashan-Shanghai-Jiashan 
After breakfast, transfer to Shanghai. Upon arrival, visit Oriental Pearl TV Tower (second ball), which is the highest in Asia and the third highest in the world, only next the TV towers in Toronto in Canada and Moscow in Russia. After lunch, visit China Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo---China Art Museum, where is the only place that you can see the Along the River During the Qingming Festival in the multimedia format, then go to Duolun Road-Cultural Celebrities Street. Transfer back to Jiashan for dinner.

Day 2 (9.1): Jiashan-Suzhou-Jiashan
After breakfast, transfer to Suzhou. Upon arrival, visit one of the most famous garden-Humble Administrator’s Garden, which with Summer Palace in Beijing, The Mountain Resort in Chengde and The Lingering Garden in Suzhou are called China's four famous gardens. In a natural style of primitive simplicity, the buildings in this garden still maintain the distinctive feature of Ming Dynasty with vast ponds and lush trees. After lunch, visit Tiger Hill, Suzhou Museum, and Pingjiang Road-the largest and best-preserved historical block in Suzhou. Transfer back to Jiashan for dinner.

Day 3 (9.2): Jiashan-Anji-Jiashan 
After breakfast, transfer to Anji. Visit Big Bamboo Garden where the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was filmed. After lunch, visit China Bamboo Expo Park and Panda House. Transfer back to Jiashan for dinner.

Tour B
September 3-6, 2019

Day 1 (9.3): Jiashan-Hangzhou 

Pick up clients at Jiashan and transfer to Hangzhou, Visit Cheng Huang Pavilion and taste West Lake Lotus Root Starch, then check in the hotel after lunch, have a boat cruise on the West Lake, it is the symbol of Hangzhou, and is considered one of the most beautiful sights in China. Cruise on the West Lake is the highlights of Hangzhou Touring, and then visit the Solitary Hill scenery, it is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of West Lake. After dinner, see the show-- Enduring Memories of Hangzhou, the visual extravaganza, Enduring Memories of Hangzhou, a title taken from a poem by Bai Juyi (772-846), highlighted the city's rich cultural legacy as well as incorporated international elements that subtly reflect the state of today's globalization, it’s performed during the G20 Summit in Hangzhou.

Day 2 (9.4): Hangzhou
In the morning, visit Ming&Qing Hefang Street, which is the only well-preserved part of the ancient city. As a miniature of the city's long history, it is the best place to embody the historical and cultural character of Hangzhou, then go to Huqingyu Tang Chinese Medicine Museum and Hu Xueyan’s Former Residence, Hu Xueyan, the first boss of the pharmacy, was not only a successful businessman but also a high-class official in the imperial court. The museum is the only state-level professional Chinese medicine museum in the country, which began business in 1874, people regarded it as the 'King of Medicine' in southern China. After lunch, go to China Silk Museum, it is the first state-level professional silk museum in the country as well as the biggest of its kind throughout the world. The museum includes Silk Road Gallery, Fashion Gallery, Weaving Gallery, Conservation Gallery, Collection Hall and Brocade Hall. In Hangzhou Cuisine Museum, you can  understand the history and development of Hangzhou cuisine through the exhibits and explain, and then enjoy the foot massage.

Day 3 (9.5): Hangzhou 
After breakfast, visit Lingyin Temple or Temple of the Soul's Retreat, got its name from its tranquil surroundings, is one of the largest and most visited Buddhist temples in China and holds the largest statue of the Buddha Sakyamuni in the lotus position, then go to China Tea Museum, which is the only one in the country with the tea theme. It has no external walls but is enclosed by vegetation giving the unique impression that the halls and the tea plants inside depend upon each other. Additionally, one hundred distinctive Chinese characters relating to tea are enchased in the road to add color to your trip. After Lunch, go to Six Harmonies Pagoda, it’s a representative ancient pavilion-style tower in China. Because of the height advantage and special location, Six Harmonies Pagoda is one of the best places to view the splendid Qiantang River Tide. Then go to Nine Creeks in Misty Forest, and Eight Diagrams Park. Go back to the hotel after the farewell dinner.

Day 4 (9.6): Hangzhou-Shanghai 
Transfer to Shanghai, and visit Yu Garden - a classic Chinese house and garden in the old town district. It is the largest of Shanghai's ancient gardens with Ming and Qing architectural styles. After Lunch, go to the Old Business Street that has a combination of tourist attractions, shops, entertainment and cultural exhibits, then go to Chenghuang Temple and Jade Buddha Temple, it is famous for its two big jade buddhas, each of them was carved out from a single piece of Jade. A good place to go whether you are a Buddhist or not, the peaceful and transcendent atmosphere adds a kind of richness to our busy modern society. After Dinner, go to The Bund, it is the symbol and highlight of a Shanghai vacation, with its European-style former banks and trading houses. It represents the architectural buildings of finance and trade.

Day 5 (9.7)
Drop off the Tour B attendees that do not attend the Hubei tour

China National Tea Museum

Jade Buddah Temple

West Lake

Yu Garden


High Gorge Pinghu

Shennong Altar

Tiansheng bridge

The Bund


Tour C
September 6-11, 2019

Day 1 (9.6): Hangzhou-Yichang 
Enjoy breakfast before going to Hangzhou Airport, and take the flight to Yichang, then go to Shennongjia by bus (about 3.5 h). Visit Shennong Altar Scenic Spot, finish your day with dinner before checking in your hotel.
The whole Shennong Altar Scenic Spot is divided into Main Sacrificial Area, Ancient Botanical Garden, Ancient Fir, etc. The main building of the Sacrificial Area is a giant ox head statue; There are hundreds of rare plants in the ancient Botanical Garden, such as maple of the blood color, Chinese dove tree, Chinese tulip tree...At the same time, we can see the millennium ancient tree -- the Keteleeria davidiana, which is more than 1250 years old.

Day 2 (9.7): Shennongjia 
After breakfast, an English-guided tour to Shennongjia Nature Reserve. You can enjoy the fresh air in the forest. Visiting wild animals, hiking the primeval forest of Golden Monkey Ridge, overlooking the first peak in Central China, and exploring the mysteries of the Floor Rock.
After lunch, take a shuttle bus to Dajiuhu Scenic Area. Dajiuhu is known as "alpine basin" and "natural grassland". Beautiful natural scenery, there are paintings like the scenery, poetry like sentiment. Take the small red and black and yellow train in the scenic spot at lake No. 4, shuttle between the blue sky, white cloud, lake water and wetland, mainly visit the scenic spots such as subalpine grassland, shallow water lake, water hole, natural wildlife zoo, etc..

Day 3 (9.8): Shennongjia-Yichang 
An English-guided tour to Guanmenshan Scenic Area, it is an area that combing ecology, flora and fauna, culture and scientific research. Later, head to the Tianshengqiao Scenic Spot, it has natural stone bridge, Yintan, Lao Jun, Ting Tao, clear mountain stream, Ba people's thatched cottage. Enjoy the ancient drama, taste authentic corn wine, together constitute an idyllic picture scroll. After lunch, go back to Yichang by bus.

Day 4 (9.9): Yichang 
Enjoy breakfast before going to Three Gorges Dam area. On [185 platform], we could feel the grandeur of the dam. Then take a boat tour to the most primitive part of The Yangtze Three Gorges-- Xiling Gorge, Dengying Gorge, Maogong Mountain and other sceneries. Disembark at No.9 wharf of Yichang City, then go back to the hotel for rest after the farewell dinner.

Day 5 (9.10): Yichang-Shanghai 
After breakfast, go to Yichang Airport, and fly to Shanghai and have a free shopping in the afternoon in Shanghai.

Day 6 (9.11): Shanghai 
One day tour in Shanghai: Yuyuan Garden, Old Shanghai Street, Chenghuang Temple, Jade Buddha Temple, Tianzifang, and The Bund.

Day 7 (9.12): Airport drop off