China TCVM Elites Scholarships 2018 中国兽医精英奖学金2018

Chi Institute is very pleased to announce that Chi Institute will offer the special scholarship exclusively to encourage Chinese Veterinary Elites to complete the Chi Institute Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA).

Chi Institute,佛罗里达中兽医学院荣幸地宣布:2018年,我们将为中国兽医精英建立专项奖学金,用于支持他们在Chi Institute完成国际兽医针灸师认证课程。 

The goal of scholarship is to train Veterinary Elites in Mainland China to develop the future of the TCVM in China.

According to the full payment order, China TCVM Elites Scholarships 2018 will be awarded to 15 qualifying applicants for144,000 in total, each winner will get9,600 special scholarship.
Chi Institute 2018中国兽医精英奖学金,总额144,000元人民币,按照全额缴费顺序授予15位中国本土兽医精英,每位获奖者将获得9,600元人民币的专项奖学金。 

A total of Tuition for CVA in 2018 is39,900. Thus, the winners will pay30,300 only.
Chi Institute国际认证兽医针灸师课程费用为39,900元人民币,获奖的中国兽医精英将只需支付30,300元人民币。 

How to Apply

  1. Download and fill out the Scholarship Information package
  2. Download and read the first two chapters of  Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine: Fundamental Principles
    下载并学习 Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine: Fundamental Principles 《中兽医学》的前两章中兽医基础理论知识
  3. Take the online TCVM Knowledge Contest Quiz. And screenshot the quiz outcome and name the picture as “×××—Chi Institute 2018 CVA scholarship transcripts”;
    点击链接,完成中兽医基础知识测试,并将测试成绩单截屏,将图片命名为:“姓名—Chi Institute 2018 CVA scholarship transcripts”
  4. Scan and send the seven following documents before January 20, 2018 to email at
  • Application Form(see attached 1 at Scholarship Information package)
  • Chi Institute CVA Resume (see attached 2 at Scholarship Information package)
    Chi Institute CVA学员简历(详见奖学金数据包附件2)
  • Self-recommendation (see attached 3 at Scholarship Information package)
  • Recommendation (see attached 4 at Scholarship Information package)
  • Identification card or passport
  • Veterinarian license, or veterinary school student ID
  • Scores screenshot of TCVM Knowledge Contest Quiz, named as “×××—Chi Institute 2018 CVA scholarship transcripts”中兽医基础知识测试的成绩单截屏,命名为“×××—Chi Institute 2018 CVA scholarship transcripts”


  1. Please fill all the forms in English;
  2. If you have any question, please contact with Qiumin Ren with TEL: +8615223809053 the same to WeChat