Student Feedback

I really enjoyed it so much and it really open my mind about veterinary acupuncture. I realize that Dr. Xie is one of the best expert in veterinary acupuncture in the world, no doubt.


M. Arfan Lesmana, DVM, M.Sc. (Malang, Indonesia) - Acupuncture in Bali 2015


All the speaker are great. They really helped us to understand this new knowledge. And they're so patience with us. They don't mind if we don't understand a part and asking to repeat it once again.

Indhira Kusumawardhani, DVM (Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia) -  Acupuncture in Bali Class of 2016

All the instructors had their own teaching style, which was excellent so I could learn from different ways/approaches. All were very enthusiastic, answered questions, and tried to teach us how to think about the problem, and the location of the points.

Sandra McRoberts, DVM (Orangevale, CA) -  Acupuncture in Bali Class of 2016