Schedule and Tuition Costs

The Veterinary Food Therapy course is offered once a year as either an on-site or an online course.  The on-site course is held over a 3.5-day period on the Chi Campus. The online course is available for on-demand streaming for a four-month period.

The tuition and dates for the on-site course are given below:

 2018  March 22-25, 2018  $1,350
 2019  March 21-24, 2019   $1,300

The tuition and dates for the online course are given below:

 2018  April 7 - August 7, 2018  $1,300
 2019  April 7 - August 7, 2019  $1,300

If you are a new student to the Chi Institute, a one-time, non-refundable $100 application fee is due upon registration.  Your seat in the class will not be confirmed until this fee has been paid in full.

Prerequisites and Additional Fees
  • Application Fee: $100 (for new students only)
  • TCVM Fundamental Theories DVD: $100 (for students new to TCVM only)
  • Case report review and CVFT certification fee (optional): $150
Payment Information
  • Full tuition payment is due 60 days prior to the start of each module.
  • A $50 late fee will be charged in addition to tuition for late payments made before the start of a module.