Course Syllabus


Lecture Topic
 1 Integrative Small Animal Neurology: Introduction and Translation of Basic Physiologic Concepts
 2 Applied Functional Neuroanatomy: Working Knowledge for Clinical Practice
 3 Signalment, History and the Differential Diagnosis
 4 The Neurologic Examination from an Integrative Perspective
 5 Anatomic and Physiologic Mechanisms of Acupuncture
 6 Stagnation in Small Animal Neurology: Anatomy and Physiology of Pain
 7 Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicines for Small Animal Neurology
 8 A Dog in Wolf’s Clothing (Actually, Just a Dog): Food Therapy for Selected Neurologic Conditions
 9 An Overview of Tui-Na for Small Animal Neurology Patients
 10 Yang in a Box: An Introduction to Photobiomodulation Therapy for Neurologic Problems
 11 Small Animal Qi-Gong: An Introduction to Exercise Therapy for Neurologic Disorders 
 12 Seizure Management: Part I 
 13 Seizure Management: Part II 
 14 Canine Cognitive Dysfunction: Part I 
 15 Canine Cognitive Dysfunction: Part II 
 16 Inflammatory Disorders of the Central Nervous System 
 17 Disorders of the Cervical Spine 
 18 Disorders of the Thoracolumbar Spine 
19 Degenerative Lumbosacral Stenosis 
20 Selected Disorders of the Peripheral Nervous System