Course Syllabus
Lecture Topics
Lecture 1: Overview (Administration, Personnel, Public Relations, etc.)
Dr. Greg Todd
Lecture 2: The Veterinary Market Place and Your Unique Position
Lecture 3: Client Relationships - The Basics 
Lecture 4: Communication - The Components of Understanding and Being Understood
Lecture 5: Integrating TCVM Into Your House Call Practice Part 1
 Dr. John Slaughter
Lecture 6: Integrating TCVM Into Your House Call Practice Part 2
Lecture 7: Human Resources
Dr. Don Thompson
Lecture 8: Marketing
Lecture 9: Operations- The Basics
Lecture 10: Using Social Media in your Practice
Dr. John Slaughter
Lecture 11: Marketing your Integrative House Call Practice
Lecture 12: Practice Safety - Knowing and Training
Dr. Greg Todd 
Lecture 13: Legal Issues for Veterinary Practices
Lecture 14: Planning for the Future - How to Create What you Want
 Dr. Don Thompson
Lecture 15: How to Use Your Facility to Improve Your Practice  Dr. Greg Todd