Course Syllabus
 Lecture  Lecture Topics
 1 Overview (Administration, Personnel, Public Relations, etc.)
Dr. Greg Todd
 2 The Veterinary Marketplace and Your Unique Position
 3 Client Relationships - The Basics 
 4 Communication - The Components of Understanding and Being Understood
 5-6 Integrating TCVM Into Your House Call Part 1
 Dr. John Slaughter
 7 Human Resources
Dr. Don Thompson
 8 Marketing
 9 Operations- The Basics
 10 Using Social Media in your Practice
Dr. John Slaughter
 11 Marketing your Integrative House Call Practice
 12 Administrative Management
Dr. Greg Todd 
 13 Legal Issues for Veterinary Practices
 14 Planning for the Future - How to Create What you Want
 Dr. Don Thompson
 15 How to Use Your Facility to Improve Your Practice  Dr. Greg Todd
 16-17 Social Media for the Integrative Medicine Practitioner Dr. Ashley Geoghegan 
 18-19 Starting a TCVM Mobile Practice Dr. Donna Hein