Course Syllabus




Lecture 1-5

TCVM Approach to Cancers in Dogs and Cats: Case Studies

Dr. Michael Bartholomew


Lecture 6

Integrative Oncology Overview

Dr. Kendra Pope


Lecture 7

Evidence for Safety of Combining Herbs with Conventional Cancer Treatment

Lecture 8

Anticancer Mechanisms of Action in Herbal Therapy

Lecture 9

Integrative Nutrition and Food Therapy for Cancer Patients

Lecture 10

Dietary Supplements in Cancer Care

Lecture 11

Integrative Approach to Lymphoma with Case Studies

Lecture 12

Integrative Approach to Hemangiosarcoma Case Studies

Lecture 13

Integrative Approach to Osteosarcoma Case Studies


Lecture 14

Integrative Veterinary Oncology

Integrative Approach to Mast Cell Tumor (MCT)

Dr. Betsy Hershey

Lecture 15

Integrative Approach to Head and Neck: Melanoma, SCC, Thyroid, Nasal

Lecture 16

Integrative Approach to Urogenital: Mammary, TCC, Prostate, AGASACA

Integrative Approach to Solid Tumors: STS, Liver Tumors, Lung Cancer, Neuro

Lecture 17

Integrative Approach to Tumor In Cats



Lecture 18-19

Canine Cancer Case Study and Demo I

Dr. Kendra Pope

Lecture 20-21

Canine Cancer Case Demo II

Dr. Betsy Hershey