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Student Feedback

I have been interested in learning more about this subject matter for quite some time! This lecture series was perfect to get a feel for what acupuncture and herbs is all about-timing and location were perfect! I also loved that books, materials, herbs were available for purchase! Did not expect that! Looking toward to starting my online herb class ASAP!

Dayle Siegel-Johnson - 2013 San Diego Intro

Great course! Very informative.

Carla Kolta - 2013 San Diego Intro

It was epic.

Karen Peyser - 2013 San Diego Intro

Great class! I've been interested in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for some time, but wasn't ready to commit to the full basic acupuncture course. After that intro I was sold. I'm scheduled to start the basic course in January!

Menolly Cote - 2012 Baltimore Intro

Very good intro, have already started using acupuncture in our clinic as well as herbal medicine. I still have a lot to learn and now looking forward to more classes.

Lauren Wood - 2012 Baltimore Intro

Loved it and can't wait to start certification classes in January!

Rebecca Fraser-Hand - 2012 Baltimore Intro

I thought it was great for an introductory course. The setting was great and I really appreciated the complementary snacks and beverages. That was much better than when I attend [Other Conferences] for my "usual CE."

Jacob Speicher - 2012 Baltimore Intro

It was a very good brush up on common herbs and a good review of some basic acupuncture that I needed even though I have been out a while. I really enjoyed the class. Cindy Wallis was a great lecturer who had good stories and a really good clinical perspective.

Kara Vittitow - 2012 Baltimore Intro