Student Feedback

What do you enjoy most about the Chi Institute?

  • "I liked the online portal system. I was easy to use and I was able to interact with the other students in my program. The professors were always responsive to questions and the testing system worked well."
  • "The pleasant supportive atmosphere and the feeling that I was part of "a greater good" for veterinary medicine. A visit to the Chi recharges me."
  • "Family Atmosphere and student teacher ratio and overall atmosphere." 
Reviews of the 2016 Summer Semester courses:


Evidence-Based Veterinary Acupuncture

  • "I like the notes included at the end of the lecture session by the instructors. They were helpful."

MS Veterinary Food Therapy

  • "I like the subject matter, the appendixes and recipes in the notes. I particularly enjoyed Dr Deng's laboratory session on site."

MS Veterinary Food Therapy 

  • "Really gave me the confidence to create meals/diets for my patients."
  • "I love food and learning about the different properties and benefits of food has been an eye opener for me."
  • "I enjoyed the course, the lectures were well laid out and easy to follow."

MS TCVM for Gastrointestinal Diseases

  • "Very interesting and useful in practice. I love learning the TCVM approach to diseases."

MS TCVM For Geriatric, Urinary and Reproductive Diseases 

  • "Herb samples and guided tasting. Personal attention: small class size."

MS Veterinary Herbology Introduction Program

  • "This basic course is very important before someone considers prescribing Chinese herbal medicine for a patient."
  • "Very enjoyable class."
  • "I really enjoyed the course. The online option was very useful as it is hard to get time off to travel and this can be done on weekends, etc. I enjoyed the flow of the course and it was full of information."
  • "This was a great review of herbal theory and reminder of safety concerns."