Course Overview and Objectives

The Research Methods in TCVM course (MS0200) is a 6 credit hours course. This course is designed to enhance a student’s ability to design and conduct research. A research project can be an experimental study or an observational study that requires a hypothesis, an objective, a research plan, data collection, analysis and interpretation, and preparation of a manuscript for publication in a scientific journal. Students will be responsible for watching the online lectures, participating in homework and completing online quizzes.

This course will prepare Master's Program student to produce their Master's Thesis. Through this course students will identify a research question of interest and design a study for that question. Students will also learn how to prepare research protocol for evaluation and feedback and learn writing skills to prepare a manuscript for publication in a scientific journal.


The Research Methods in TCVM course provides students with an overview of practical and concrete information about preparing their Master's Thesis and manuscript for publication. The course covers these main topic areas:


1. How to identify the research area of interest;

2. How to use the library and other resources to search for relevant research papers;

3. Data analysis and interpretation;

4. How to write your thesis and a peer-review publication.


This course is required for the completion of the Master's Degree Program and is open to Master's Degree students only.

Course Syllabus
  1  Introduction to Statistics
 Dr. Deng Shan Shiau
  2  Normal and binomial distributions  Dr. Deng Shan Shiau
  3  One Sample and Two Sample Hypotheses  Dr. Deng Shan Shiau
 4  Paired Sample Hypotheses
 Dr. Deng Shan Shiau
 5  Variation, Potential Outcomes, Central Limit Theorem  Dr. Sam Shangwu Wu
 6  Statistics, Probability, Statistical Significance  Dr. Sam Shangwu Wu
 7  Fundamentals of Experiment Design
 Dr. Sam Shangwu Wu
 Strength and Weakness of Various Study Designs  Dr. Sam Shangwu Wu
 Analysis of Variance - One Way with or without Blocks
 Dr. Deng Shan Shiau
 Analysis of Variance – Factorial Design
 Dr. Deng Shan Shiau
11  Comparison of proportions  Deng Shan Shiau
 Test of independence  Deng Shan Shiau
 Various Case Studies
 DrSam Shangwu Wu
 17  Correlation Analysis  Dr. Deng Shan Shiau
 18  Linear Regression  Dr. Deng Shan Shiau
 19  Analysis of Sensitivity and Specificity – ROC Curve  Dr. Deng Shan Shiau
 20  Bootstrap Method  Dr. Deng Shan Shiau




Tuition Costs

Tuition for this course with 4 month access online is $750.

In addition to the online lectures student will completed online quizzes, prepare and submit a research protocol and prepare a manuscript suitable for peer review and publication in a scientific journal.