Congratulations to Dr. Emma Rowe

Congratulations to Dr. Emma Rowe

Recipient of the Dr Xies Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in TCVM

Author: Chi Institute/Tuesday, September 10, 2013/Categories: Chi News, TCVM Newsletter, 2013 Fall Issue

I am honoured to have received Dr. Xie’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in TCVM. It means the world to me, as TCVM is my true passion in life. I graduated from Murdoch University School of Veterinary Studies, Western Australia in 1997. Following graduation, I worked in equine and mixed practice in Australia and England. I then began a career in equine surgery, completing my equine surgery residency at the Marion DuPont Scott Equine Medical Centre, Virginia, USA and Master of Science with Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Virginia, USA from 1999-2003.

I returned to Australia in 2003 and was a Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery at Murdoch University School of Veterinary Studies. Throughout my surgery career I had a keen interest in Eastern Medicine but found it difficult to integrate it into my work. At the beginning of 2007, I accepted a position as Veterinary Curriculum Co-ordinator for the University of Adelaide School of Veterinary Science. In June 2007, I fractured my spine badly in an accident and had two surgeries and 12 months of rehabilitation. Following my rehabilitation, I worked as a Curriculum consultant for the University of Adelaide and also did some small animal clinical work. At the end of 2010, I accepted a position as an Honorary Lecturer with the University of Liverpool developing postgraduate on-line e-learning modules available for veterinarians.

Eastern medicine was a very important part of my recovery and I would not be where I am today without it. This experience inspired me to pursue a career in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. I met Dr. Xie and Dr. Bruce Ferguson at the Australian Veterinary Association Conference in May 2011 ,and this meeting changed my life. I started my studies with the Chi Institute immediately and completed the five Herbal Medicine modules online. Currently, I am completing my certification in Chinese Herbal Medicine. The first Chi Institute Australia Acupuncture Teaching Program started in early 2012, and I was very lucky to be a part of the wonderful group of veterinarians who took this course. The onsite training sessions, held by Dr. Bruce Ferguson and Dr. Marisa Chan, were fantastic and all participants gained confidence in their skills very quickly. I achieved 100% accuracy for both the written and practical components of the final acupuncture examination in January 2013. It was an honour to be a part of the first graduating acupuncture class from the Chi Institute Australia. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Xie and all of the wonderful instructors at the Chi Institute for this award and for their knowledge, wisdom and guidance. I have started my equine and small animal TCVM mobile practice in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and have accepted a role as assistant editor for the AJTCVM. I feel so lucky every day to be able to practice this beautiful medicine.

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