Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight

Constance DiNatale, DVM, CVA tells us about her love of Food Therapy

Author: Chi Institute/Monday, May 19, 2014/Categories: Faculty Spotlight

“I love to teach any Chi class because I love the material. My lectures usually involve cases so I am passing on my failures and successes and hopefully students remember the stories. The food therapy course is the most fun, though it is also the most work.”

Even when she’s not teaching, she is still staying sharp by experimenting with herbs and food in her spare time.

“We are having an advanced TCVM food therapy class this fall and I am spending a lot of time trying to get recipes together that utilize some foods that have an herb-like effect without being too weird or unpalatable. Most recipes for humans involve a lot of ginger and garlic and vegetables and so are hard to apply to the general population of animals. I'm a big foodie so this kind of thing is very interesting, plus I get an excuse to expand my library more.”

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