Herbal Story

Herbal Story

Honey (Feng Mi蜂蜜)

Author: Chi Institute/Wednesday, July 30, 2014/Categories: TCVM Articles

There was a patient with extremely chapped lips who came to see Dr. Zhang Zhong Jing. The patient was diagnosed with overheated body and lack of Fluids which led to constipation and fatigue. The medicine prescribed was to cleanse the body to heal the constipation; however the patient was too weak to withstand the drug’s effect.


Dr. Zhang Zhong Jing thought of a solution: pour pure Honey (Feng Mi蜂密) into a copper bowl, heat, and stir until the honey was sticky enough to mold. The honey was applied to the anus to relieve the constipation. This method was milder than the prescribed herb. Within one day, the patient’s heat was gone from his body and his condition improved. This was the first remedy to enema.

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