Da Suan (Garlic 大蒜)

Da Suan (Garlic 大蒜)

Herbal Story

Author: Chi Institute/Thursday, October 16, 2014/Categories: TCVM Newsletter, 2014 Summer Issue

There goes a saying by a French scholar that garlic is the fifth most important factor in the elements for treating man, after Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

In ancient Egypt, workers who built the Pyramid ate garlic every meal. When garlic went out of supply, workers went on a strike, and the king had to spend a lot of gold to purchase more. Athletes of ancient Greece ate garlic to enhance their stamina in the Olympics. Ancient Indians believed that garlic could augment people’s wisdom and give them a louder voice.

During World War II, Germany cut off medical supplies to Britain. In response, the British government used several thousand tons of garlic as antibiotics and saved countless lives.

Today, the people of Spain cook garlic soup at the New Year’s night to bring good luck to the next year.

No wonder garlic has the nick name ‘Penicillin from Soil, natural antibiotics.’

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