Lily Bulb (Bai He百合)

Lily Bulb (Bai He百合)

Herbal Story

Author: Chi Institute/Friday, October 24, 2014/Categories: TCVM Articles

A long time ago, a group of pirates looted a village, stealing valuables and food and kidnapping women and children. The kidnapped were taken to an isolated island where they were stranded. A few days later, as the pirates sailed off from the island to loot again, there was a sudden typhoon which threw the pirates overboard. Because none of them survived, the women and children were released from their captors.
Over time the food rations lessened and they had to survive off of whatever was available. They dug in the field for grass and harvested some wild fruits or hunted for fish or shrimp.
One day, they discovered a plant root that was shaped round like a green onion; this root was filled with rich meat. They took this meat root and cooked it in a pot and survived by eating this ‘vegetable’ as their primary source of food.
Eventually, a ship came to the island, and the women and children were rescued. They shared the story of the life-saving vegetable with an herbal harvester on board. He harvested the vegetable from the island and brought it back with him to use in clinical practice. It was discovered that this herb could nourish the Lungs, stop coughing, and calm the Heart.
The herbal harvester named the herbal root Bai He 百合, which means ‘hundred-together,” representing the hundred women and children who discovered and survived off this herb.

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