Case Report: Recovery from Bilateral Pancarpal Arthrodesis with TCVM

Case Report: Recovery from Bilateral Pancarpal Arthrodesis with TCVM

by Christina Sierra Garcia, DVM, CVA Madrid, SPAIN

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First Session Nov 10, 2008:

Patient was lame, both fronts limbs were warm to the touch; some swelling was present at the right front limb. Draining was present on dorsal aspect of fifth front digit. He also was sensitive at palpation of limbs. Blood work and X-rays results were normal. The injuries were in the process of ossification.

TCVM exam shows Ron had a mix personality constitution of earth-fire. His Shen was good, except that he started to develop some separation anxiety after the accident. His tongue was purple-red, especially purple at the sides. He had longitudinal cracks. His coat was slightly wet. Pulse was wiry at medium depth and stronger and deep on the right. Body and ears were warm. He was sensitive at: BL-18 (Back-shu point for Liver), BL-19 (Back-shu point for GB), and LIV-13 (alarm point for Spleen). His diagnosis was Yang Excess with Qi and Blood Stagnation because of the damage to his bones, muscles and ligaments. My goal was to resolve Qi Stagnation and pain and improve quality of life.

TCVM Treatment included dry needle on: GV-20 permission point; LI-4 and LIV-3 open four gates for stagnation; BL-19 Back-shu point of GB for Qi and Blood stagnation. BL-11 Influential point of bones, KID-3 Yuan-source point of Kidney. HT-7 Yuan-source point of Heart to calm the mind. GB-34 Hea-sea Earth point, Influential point of muscles and tendons. Local Points: LI-4, LI-11: above and below the lesion and to improve the immune system. Liu-feng right thoracic limb for possible nerve damage. The lameness improved and Ron started to feel better.

The following sessions, I treated Ron one or two times a month and the diagnosis remained the same; Qi and Blood Stagnation, intermittent lameness from one limb to the other. His limbs showed lumps due to periostitis in the epiphysis and too much Wood (anti-inflammatory, drugs) depleting the Earth. He sometimes had diarrhea and some ST Heat. I added LI-10, ST-36, front and rear Three Miles Qi tonic to tonify the Earth; bilateral SP-2, BL-21, CV-12, ST-44. I did Aqu-acupuncture (AP) with Traumeel® Heel (homeopathic remedy) 0.1-0.2 ml per point.

The owner accepted food therapy, introducing natural food and discontinuing dry food. I recommended: turkey, deep fish, pork, spinach, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, cod, and barley to resolve stagnation and for their cooling effect.  The food was baked. Ron showed much improvement after the food therapy was started. In June of 2009, 7 months after surgery, the plates were removed. Ron continued with acupuncture sessions and started to take the herbal formula Body Sore to relieve pain and activate the Blood and Qi.

Session on Sep 4, 2009:

Pulse was stronger on the right side and weaker on the left. Pulse was strong in the medium and deep levels with a normal rhythm.  His tongue was pink-purple with a crack in middle and slightly transparent and wet coating.  His paws were a slightly dry with some rancid odor between the fingers. His sensitive points were BL-17, influential point for Blood; BL-18 Back-shu point for Liver; BL-21 Back-shu point for Stomach, BL-22 Back-shu point for Triple Heater and LIV-13 alarm point for Spleen: all on the left side. Ron’s Shen was good except for separation anxiety. My diagnosis was Liver Qi and Blood stagnation and Heart Yin deficiency with weakness of Spleen with Damp.

Treatment were Dry needle on:GV-20; BL-18,20,23, LI-4, LIV-3, GV-1, SP-9. Electro Acupuncture (EA) BL-11 right and left; left

 LU-5+ left LI-4; left LI-11+ left SI-3. 10 minutes at  F1 20Hz- F2 0; 10 minutes at F1 80Hz- F2 120Hz. Amplitude starting at 1,5 to 2,5.

I stopped Body Sore because Roy was less painful, and started Tendon and Ligament Formula to nourish Liver Yin and Blood, strengthen tendons and ligaments, and activate the Channels and limbs.I also administered Bone Stasis to break down the Stasis, invigorate Blood, and relieve the pain from bone swelling, caused by Calcium deposits and osteosclerosis.

Radiographs showed the holes made by the screws were filled with bone. Ron had started exercising and was feeling better. In this case: surgery, drugs, acupuncture, food therapy, Chinese herbs, exercise and love have been integrated to help this complicated case. At this time Ron has a normal and happy life!!

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