Practical Guide to TCVM, Vol. 3: Equine Pactice

Practical Guide to TCVM, Vol. 3: Equine Pactice

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Author: Chi Institute/Wednesday, July 8, 2015/Categories: Chi News

We are very excited to announce that the new book, Practical Guide to TCVM, Vol. 3: Equine Practice, has been published by the Chi Institute Press. It truly takes a team of dedicated individuals to publish a series of books. It wouldn’t have been a possibility without the authors, editors and illustrators who have poured many hours of hard work into this book.

We sincerely appreciate the team of chapter authors, Drs. Patricia Baley, Beth Carson, Leslie Griffith, Joyce Harman, Carole Holland, Carla Pasteur, Karen Spracklen, Cindy Wallis and Joan Winter for their knowledge and expertise. Our special thanks also go to Dr. Xiaoyuan Wei, Ms. Lee Warthen, BS and Ms. Autumn Fruchtman who have illustrated and laid out the entire book. We would also like to thank the proofreaders Drs. Allison Faber, Kelly Fishman, Dan L. Hawkins, Cynthia Lankenau, Joanna L. Robson, Mary Foster Rodriguez and Robert Schaeffer, and Ms. Lee Warthen. Your contributions help make this book a pleasure to read. Last, yet certainly not least, we thank Drs. Huisheng Xie, Lindsay Wedemeyer, Cheryl Chrisman, and Min Su Kim, the main authors of this book.

The 3rd volume of Practical Guide to TCVM is available now. This volume explores Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for the Equine Practice in 14 chapters and 415 pages. Gain valuable insight for the diagnosis and treatment of horses from experienced leaders in the TCVM field. You can order your copy now online at

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