A TCVM Inspiration

A TCVM Inspiration

by Skip Hightman DVM, DOM, CVA, CVCH, CVCT

Author: Chi Institute/Wednesday, August 1, 2012/Categories: Faculty Spotlight, TCVM Newsletter, 2012 Summer Issue

After 19 years of practicing conventional veterinary medicine, I became frustrated with challenging medical cases that did not respond to allopathic medical treatments. The patients would respond only so far, and I was unable to accomplish complete wellness. I felt that there had to be more that I could do to promote complete healing and a positive quality of life for our animal friends. The first complicated case was "Sito" in 1994, a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office police canine who was shot in the line of duty. The fragmented bullet raked Sito’s left eye and lacerated the surrounding orbital tissue. He was instantly blinded in the left eye. Surgery was successful repairing the periorbital tissue but his blindness in the left eye persisted."Sito" was treated by several veterinary ophthalmologists for a period of two and one-half months. Although the specialists used every conventional therapy available; their treatments did not alleviate the blindness.

It was during this time that I had started attending acupuncture classes. I explained "Sito’s" history to my instructor. He recommended a point selection with local and distal points: GB-1, BL-1, BL-2, LI-4, LU-7. With hope and a positive mind "Sito" received the first acupuncture treatment. Three days after the first treatment, a recheck on "Sito"’s eye revealed the cornea had cleared

wo-thirds of the way from the lateral to the medial canthus! Examination further revealed a convergent strabismus of the left pupil. This was the first time in three months, that the pupil and iris could be visualized!

 The second acupuncture treatment consisted of the same points plus GB-14, which should center the pupil to its correct anatomical position. The second recheck, three days later revealed the pupil in the normal anatomical position!

 After three months of allopathic treatments with little improvement, acupuncture corrected "Sito"’s pupil and vision returned to his left eye in only 6 days. "Sito" was returned to his full police duties as a canine patrol dog.

This case defined to me on a deep personal level, the strength of TCVM. Since that time, I have dedicated my life to further my knowledge to honor and help our animal friends with Eastern medicine.

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