TCVM Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a German Shepherd

TCVM Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a German Shepherd

By Annette Herbst, DVM, CVA (Bourne, MA)

Author: Chi Institute/Monday, August 1, 2011/Categories: Student Case Reports, TCVM Newsletter, 2011 Summer Issue

Toby, an 8 YO, male neutered German Shepherd, was referred to the emergency center with massive ascites, hypoproteinemia, and hypoalbumenia on Sep 10, 2010. He had lost 13 lbs during the last 3 months. Toby had a history of diarrhea which was controlled with intermittent treatments of metronidazole and tylosin. The referral center Toby was stabilized and diagnosed with IBD. Toby was released on Sep 23, 2010 with prescriptions of sucralfate, azathioprine, metronidazole, metoclopramide, amoxicillin, prednisone and weekly Vitamin B12 injections. On Sep 30, 2010 the owner called our clinic because Toby started having diarrhea again and the owner was uncomfortable with the amount of medications Toby was taking.

TCVM Examination:

Fire constitution, tense and anxious, owner said he was tiring easily. No preference for warm or cold. Dull hair, very thin appearing, body temperature neutral except for warm ears (3 fingers). His tongue was pale and wet. The pulse was deep. His stools were intermittent loose with mucus. He sleeps well, hates other dogs (except for dogs he knows) and is very attached to owner.

TCVM Diagnosis: Spleen Qi Deficiency with Stomach Damp

TCVM Treatment Principle: Tonify Spleen, dry Damp.

Acupuncture Treatments: dry needles were left for 15 minutes on GV-21, Bai-hui, Bl-20 , Bl-21, St-36, LI-10, LI-11, HT-7 (4 weekly treatments).

Each week aquapuncture (Vit B12 diluted in H2O) was done on An-shen and GV-1.

Chinese Herbs:

Shen Ling Bai Zhu: 3 caps bid added to other medications Toby was taking. After 3 weeks we added Shen Calmer: 1 1/2 tsp bid to reduce anxiety.

Progress Report:

Toby stopped having diarrhea after his 1st acupuncture treatment. Weekly blood work showed no abnormalities. During the following weeks we slowly weaned Toby off all medications except for azathioprine, prednisone and Shen Ling Bai Zhu.

He slowly started gaining weight and had a good stool. After 4 weeks we switched to monthly acupuncture treatments. At this point Toby did not like acupuncture anymore so we mostly used aquapuncture. In the beginning of Jan 2011 Toby was weaned off all medications except Shen Ling Bai Zhu and Shen Calmer. He weighed 64 pounds.

In April we stopped the Shen Calmer. Toby still has occasional soft stools which are self limiting. He continues to do well.

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