Dr. Todd Receives 2013 Ma Shi Huang Award

Dr. Todd Receives 2013 Ma Shi Huang Award

Chi faculty member Dr. Greg Todd is honored for his contributions to TCVM

Author: Zhen Zhao/Monday, April 1, 2013/Categories: Faculty Spotlight, Chi News, TCVM Newsletter, 2013 Spring Issue

Dr. Todd is the first recipient of the annual Ma Shi Huang - TCVM Practitioner of the Year Award.  The award is named after legendary veterinarian Ma Shi Huang from the Huang-di (Yellow Emperor) Period, which spanned from 2698-2598 B.C.  According to Chinese legend, Ma Shi Huang is the first to treat animal diseases with acupuncture and herbal medicine, and is thus commonly considered the father of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.  The Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine established this prestigious award to recognize exceptional TCVM practitioners.  Starting in 2013, the award will be granted to one veterinarian per year.  Dr. Greg Todd has been chosen as the 2013 recipient of the Ma Shi Huang award for his outstanding work as a TCVM practitioner and instructor. 


Dr. Todd began practicing TCVM in 1993, and has taught classes at IVAS and the Chi Institute.  He has been the Small Animal TA Leader for the Chi acupuncture program for the past eight years, and has also been a TA for the Chi herbal program.  Dr. Todd is highly regarded by students as a patient and encouraging instructor with a good sense of humor.  In addition to being an excellent teacher, Dr. Todd is also a celebrated practitioner.  He runs a small animal practice in Dunedin, Florida where he practices integrated medicine, combining his knowledge of acupuncture and herbal medicine with conventional veterinary practice.  Dr. Todd recently shared his clinical expertise at the 14th Annual TCVM Conference held last year in Suzhou, China, where he gave talks on treating cardiomyopathy and cholangiohepatitis with TCVM and integrated medicine. 

According to Dr. Xie: "I nominated Dr. Todd for three reasons: his teaching, his practice, and most importantly, his heart.  He brings passion and purpose to everything he does, and is a very valuable member of the TCVM community."

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