Head Shaking Resolved with Shen Calmer

Head Shaking Resolved with Shen Calmer

- Testimonial By Peggy Magsum

Author: Chi Institute/Thursday, April 1, 2010/Categories: TCVM Newsletter, 2010 Spring Issue, Client Testimonials

My quarter horse Sam is 24 years old. In Dec, 2008 he developed  head shaking. I thought it was due to a shot that he received. I called in a vet to look at him and the doctor could not really find anything wrong, except Sam seemed to be aggressive. He put him on oral steroids for 3 days but there was no change. I made some observations on my own. It seemed he wanted out of the sun; when he was in his stall he did not do the head shaking as bad. I tried several fly masks, but they did not help. I spoke to a doctor who said they had sun glasses for horses and I even tried that. I bought some herbs on-line that was claimed to be effective but actually did not help at all. I also brought him up to the University of Florida to have his eyes checked and the vet said his eyes were better than a younger horse.  Nothing wrong was found anywhere and they could not believe he was 24 years old. Meanwhile my poor horse was shaking his head continuously. I could  not even put his halter on him. It was hurting me to see him this way.  A dear friend of mine referred me to Dr. Xie. After talking to Dr. Xie about my horse, he told me a lot of times head shaking comes from trauma. He told me about Shen Calmer. I put 2 scoops in his food in the morning and at night.  I started the herb in February, within two weeks I saw that his head shaking was subsiding. By  the end of the month, when the herb ran out there was a great difference in my horse. There was a slight head movement but not shaking. I spoke to Dr. Xie again and he told me to try it for one more month and if there was not a great improvement that we could try acupuncture. Well, half way into the second  jar of Shen Calmer, Sam stopped the head shaking. I did finish the herbs though, and Sam had stopped shaking his head totally by the end of March, 2009. I could ride him everyday. Dr Xie, I must say Thank YOU  for letting me have my horse back. Now he is SAM again.

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