Diabetes Mellitus Controlled  with TCVM

Diabetes Mellitus Controlled with TCVM

By Jody Bearman, DVM, CVA

Author: Chi Institute/Saturday, November 1, 2008/Categories: Student Case Reports, TCVM Newsletter, 2008 Winter Issue

In March of this year, I received a phone call on a Wednesday from frantic owners telling me that they needed their dog cured by Friday.  They said that he had superficial necrolytic dermatitis and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus,  couldn’t move at all or eat, and their vet had said to euthanize him.  I told them I would be willing to see him, but he certainly wouldn’t be cured by Friday.  I met Loki, a 12 year old border collie mix, later that night, and he was obtunded and damp heat filled the air on and around his body.  His tongue was red and wet, pulses were fast and wiry,  all parts of his body were hot, gingiva were yellow, paws had yellow crusts, elbows were hot, red and scaley.  He had loose stool, urinary incontinence (on 29 U of vetsulin twice daily) and was also on Denamarin, cephalexin, ursodiol, potassium supplement and amino acid powder.  He had diagnostic points at BL-18, 21 and 22.  I diagnosed him with liver damp heat and spleen and kidney qi deficiency.  I treated him with dry needles to cool at GV-14, Wei Jian and LIV-2, to drain damp at SP-6 and 9,  to help his shen at GV-20, to tonify qi at ST-36, Bai Hui, Shen Shu, BL-21 and KID-3, to stop diarrhea at GV-1 and to make him eat at Shan Gen.  I ordered Jiang Tang Cha for Kidney Qi/Yin deficiency and Artemisia Combination for Liver Damp Heat overnight so he could start right away.  Within a week he was able to push himself to a sit, his stool was improved and he was drinking and urinating less.  After consulting with Dr. Xie, the Jiang Tang Cha dose was increased to 0.5g per 5 pounds and Artemisia kept at 0.5g per 10 pounds.  He gradually regained his appetite and never lost weight, although due to the owners concerns about his finickiness, I added Eight Gentlemen at 0.5g per 20 pounds (the owners didn’t want to give many more pills).  He no longer receives Eight Gentlemen, but his people keep it on hand “just in case”.  He is also on a lower dose of Artemisia Combination.  He now plays fetch daily, has normal liver enzymes, and even though his blood sugar is a bit high, he has no PU/PD and a great appetite.


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