Headline News 2010 Summer Issue

Headline News 2010 Summer Issue

A Fond Farwell- By Barbara Lowell

Author: Chi Institute/Sunday, August 1, 2010/Categories: Chi News, TCVM Newsletter, 2010 Summer Issue

July 5th 2010 will be a new day for me, just a few days short of serving you all for 6 years with the Chi Institute. It’s been a fine chance for me to contribute my heart to the lessening of pain and anxiety of our animal friends, their compassionate owners, and most of all the dedicated and noble veterinarians who attend our classes. Soulmates … Bless You All!!

Newness may not be considered a gift from God, but in fact it constantly moves forth from the flow of Divine Love, in the form of change. Change makes life a constant Springtime, as one creation moves into another. The art of letting go of the past because it feels right to do so, and allowing it to morph from what’s "over" into what’s "next" and more relevant is a LifesWork, and I have lived by following Energy my whole Life. Where it takes me next I know only in retrospect … but I have the faith to follow it, and it is with this awareness and trust in Life, that I announce the completion of my six year chapter with the Chi Institute.

I leave this post both sad, and energized. I plan to take a year sabbatical of monastic lifestyle, to rest, rejuvenate, cleanse, garden, exercise, be with Nature’s stars and seas and trees, repair my home, and consult, and I am eager to see what reveals itself to me in my quiet and solitude. As a more awake kind of consciousness is being birthed within Humankind, increasing numbers of us go thru great labor pains to listen and cooperate with the unfolding of this New Life. And so I turn over my post to new blood, to people whose skills and hearts are relevant, wanted and more suitable for the rapid growth direction that TCVM is taking, and I know for sure the universe is unfolding as it should for us all.

I sincerely thank all of my TCVM team colleagues for your patience and caring. Despite long hours, non-stop multitasking, endless deadlines and an ever changing fast pace, you hang in there kindly to serve our worldwide community: one lecture, one lab, one fruit plate, one diagnosis, one label, one phone call, one consult, one shipment, one book, one chart, one box of needles, one packet, one flyer, one nametag at a time. Whew! Your tireless efforts keep this organization going and growing! Namestai!

When a chapter wants to close, only in Trust can we open to our trembling hearts calling us to move on. I look forward to re-inventing myself yet again in the next chapter. I hope that my Path will cross with some of yours, so keep in touch if you are so inspired. And … may you hear and embrace your own inner prompting when it beckons! Love, Honor and Heal ThySelf. Together we Celebrate Life!

Namestai and Aloha, Barbara L.


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