Headline News 2009 Fall Issue

Headline News 2009 Fall Issue

Author: Chi Institute/Saturday, August 1, 2009/Categories: Chi News, 2009 Fall Issue

  1. Dr. Xie’s Jing Tang Herbal is excited to announce that Shen Calmer, Body Sore, Hindquarter Weakness and Wei Qi Booster are available in biscuit form. More top JT formulas are being developed for this new, easily administrated form.
  1. 112 veterinarians from all over the world just finished their 1st session of the Chi Institute 2009 Basic Veterinary Acupuncture class this August (60 in Small Animal class, 24 in Equine, and 28 in Mixed).
  1. Jing Tang Herbal is proud to offer an Herbal Research Donation Program for TCVM Researchers.
  1. Congratulations to all of the 2009 West Coast Acupuncture program graduates for completing their final session this August.
  1. Chi Institute is now offering a new 5-session Spring Acupuncture program with Sessions 1 and 3 on-line and Sessions 2, 4 and 5 on-site. Three specific classes (S.A./Equine/Mixed) are offered with the curriculum equivalent to the regular Fall four-onsite-session acupuncture program. The same 40 hrs wet-lab/hands-on with small lab groups are offered in this new program. It is limited to 100 students and is half full as of 9/1/2009.
  1. Congratulations to Dr. Weerapongse Tangjitjaroen, advised by Drs. Colahan and Xie, for being awarded a PhD degree for his TCVM research at University of Florida.
  1. Congratulations to the Acupuncture Interns at University of Florida, Drs. Stacie Atria and Justin Shmalberg for graduating, and a big welcome to the new intern Dr. Ronald Koh.
  • 2009 Chi Institute Scholarship Winners:

8 senior CVM students have won a total of $10,000.

Faculty Acupuncture ($4,000): Dr. Stuart Clark (University of Illinois) and Dr. Deborah Sellon (WSU).

Resident Acupuncture($2,000): Dr. Elizabeth Holmes (University of Georgia).

And first ever Faculty Herbology Scholarship ($4,000): Dr. Mushtaq Memon (Washington State Univ. - WSU).

  • Five Top TCVM Experts: Dr. Huisheng Xie, Dr. Signe Bebe, Dr. Carole Holland, Dr. Songhua Hu and Dr. Jifang Zheng will speak at the 11th Annual TCVM Conference featuring Canine and Equine TCVM Sports Medicine on November 19-22, 2009.

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