Crystal Stone Formula Cured Moose’s Urine Stones

Crystal Stone Formula Cured Moose’s Urine Stones

by Anita Weiss

Author: Chi Institute/Friday, April 1, 2011/Categories: TCVM Newsletter, 2011 Spring Issue, Client Testimonials

On April 29, 2007 I rushed my 7 year old male neutered cat to the veterinarian because he was crying when trying to urinate, not in the litter box, but in strange places, like my bed and some pillows on my couch. When he finished I looked to see a small puddle of bloody liquid.


Dr. Doug Shearer took him from the cat carrier to take x-rays and a sample of urine. This cat does not tolerate being held, and I told Dr. Shearer he will scratch, but as he carried him off he was fine. When he returned he told me I was right, he did not like to be held! He said he has stones and sent me home with Amoxicillin liquid and a prescription diet of canned cat food. He also said he was sure Dr. Xie had a formula for him! Since he was very sick, I was only able to treat him with the antibiotic for about 2 days, after which I could not hold him. He saw me and would run away. I decided to try an herbal formula and consulted with Dr. Lisa. We started him on a teapill similar to Crystal Stone Formula. I crushed one teapill with a meat mallet and mixed it into about 1 tablespoon of canned food. I used to feed dry Chicken based food, but switched to Salmon and Rice dry food. I continued to give him 1 or 2 teapills every day for over three years. He was feeling good and was totally normal. I just decided to stop giving him the herb.


Then on December 15, 2010 the crying started and I saw he was agitated and starting to circle and paw to try to urinate. When he urinated on my bed I found it was bloody. I also saw blood drip marks near the litter boxes. At this time we decided to try a stronger form, which is Crystal Stone Formula. I opened the capsule onto the canned food and brought the bowl and the cat into the bedroom and closed the door so I could keep other 3 cats out and he could eat undisturbed. When I opened the door after several minutes, I was thrilled to see he had eaten every bit of the food that was mixed with he herbal powder.


I continued to feed him religiously twice a day, with 0.2 grams each feeding of Crystal Stone Formula mixed with food. He started acting normal within a few days. His eyes didn’t look frightened (dilated) as they had, and the urine in the box started increasing in volume (clumping cat litter allows you to see the amount of urine). He has been getting his herbs every day, never refusing to eat it. His appetite is the best of all my cats, but he is also one of the thinnest. He is very active (hyper) and he wakes me every morning at 7:00 am to feed him!



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