"Bradley” and Shen Calmer

by Janell Roth

Author: Chi Institute/Wednesday, April 1, 2009/Categories: TCVM Newsletter, 2009 Spring Issue, Client Testimonials

When we adopted Bradley several years ago we understood there could be some behavioral problems.. We are his third owners, after being abandoned on the roadside as a puppy along with his litter mates. He was adopted, only to be neglected and rescued again. This is where we came in and he became a family member forever. He is a sweet boy, but does have serious anxiety issues.

After chewing the front of a couch, a hole through a plastic crate and various bed liners, we talked to our vet, Dr. Greg Todd. Upon learning the side effects of Prozac, it was not an option. Dr. Todd took us on the Eastern Medicine route with Acupuncture and Shen Calmer by Dr. Xie’s Jing Tang Herbals. This herbal is a miracle for all of us! Brad has become the dog he was meant to be, happy and even playful. I have tried to go off the Shen Calmer only to see his anxiety return. Thus, he will remain on your wonderful product most likely for his lifetime. My goal is to keep my pets happy and healthy using your products.

Thanks again for Shen Calmer.

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