Rectal Administration of Herbs

- By Cyndria Schafer, DVM, CVA

Bodhi is a nine year old spayed female Rottweiler weighing 83 pounds.  Her owner brought her in for listlessness and severe abdominal distension.  Two months earlier she had gone to another veterinarian for lack of stools, passing gas, burping and severe abdominal distention.  At first that vet thought she had bloat.  After taking radiographs and seeing her enormously enlarged stomach filled with opaque spots, he took her to abdominal surgery expecting to find malignant nodules.  Instead, he found her stomach was engorged with food.  Biopsies of her gastric mucosa near the pylorus diagnosed, “Enteritis, lymphocytic and eosinophilic, mild with edema and congestion.” 
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