Quick Questions and Answers with Dr. Xie

Quick Questions and Answers with Dr. Xie

- by Huisheng Xie, DVM PhD

Q: What does tremor or quivering in dogs mean in the TCVM?

A: Tremor, quivering, shuddering, shaking/trembling in dogs can be caused by one or more of the following patterns:

1) Internal Wind due to Liver Blood or Yin Deficiency leading to Liver Yang Rising, which causes tremor, or quivering;

2) Qi Deficiency, which fails to hold the body, leading tremor of the body, or limbs;

3) Qi or/and Blood Stagnation (the body is trying to shake stagnation away);

4) Fear or submissive behavioral issue which is associated with the disharmony between the Heart and Kidney


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