How to Integrate Herbal Medicine into Your Practice

How to Integrate Herbal Medicine into Your Practice

By Tiffany Rimar DVM, CVA

The first step to integrate herbal medicine into your Veterinary practice is to just simply DO IT! This can be an intimidating process but if you follow a few simple steps you too can make an easy transition to create synergistic medical results. First, a clear understanding of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) tenants and diagnosis needs to be the foundation. Herbal preparations, energetics, properties and methods of administration need to be understood. Knowing some common mistakes and how to prevent or overcome them can build confidence and enhance clinical results.  Examples of commonly used formulas can help start an herbal pharmacy. Knowledge of any other medications or modalities being used is an important consideration as this may alter an herbal plan. The final step to master, which is always a continual process, when integrating a new modality into your practice and your life is….Harmony.  
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