Food Therapy in Treatment of Chronic Anemia

Food Therapy in Treatment of Chronic Anemia

by Liz Fernandez, DVM, CVA

“Kobe” was an M/N 80 lbs Yellow Labrador with a Fire personality. His DOB was 12/30/97. He had been on maintenance TCVM treatments since he was 12 years-old for lumbosacral arthritis, spondylosis, and cervical IVDD (diagnosed with MRI). TCVM diagnosis was Kidney Qi and Yin Deficiency, Liver Yin Deficiency, Jing Deficiency as well as Bi and Wei Syndrome. Treatment included acupuncture and Tui-na. This treatment was on going every 2-4 weeks. Herbal formulas included Body Sore 8 Teapills BID and Hindquarter Weakness 8 Teapills BID. Tramadol 50mg 1/2-1 pill BID was used for pain as needed, and Adequan 1.5cc Q 2 weeks for joint support. He was also given Thyroid Support (Standard Process) for low thyroid1 tsp BID, Normalizer 3 1 BID (digestive enzyme/probiotic supplement for Immune support)
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