Rescue Horse Helped with TCVM

Rescue Horse Helped with TCVM

by Beth Hirsch, DVM

Robinson is a rescue horse, who is living in retirement. He initially presented for intermittent wet "squirts" of water following fecal production. He is always lame due to an old injury resulting in advanced arthritis in his left knee and old injury near the left front coronary band. He has difficulty lying down and getting back up, worse when it is damp and cold outside. "Robbie" is somewhat friendly and laid back, but seems to prefer routine and can be a bit reserved. He gets along with his pasture-mates for the most part, but sometimes gets grumpy and bites the cow who lives with him. Robbie’s owner’s goal is to improve his quality of life and comfort level. Robinson was seen four times over 2 months. The first treatment focused on the Spleen Qi deficiency and diarrhea, which resolved completely after the first treatment. Remaining visits focused on treating his TCVM pattern by tonifying Kidney Qi and Yang, tonifying the spleen to help eliminate damp and moving Qi to relieve pain associated with the arthritis in his left front knee and lower limb. By his last treatment obbie was doing very well, with barely noticeable lameness some days, good attitude and no diarrhea. At this time herbal treatment was chosen to extend his comfort and time between acupuncture treatments.
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