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TCVM Resource Download
Course Registration Form of Chi Institute
To further improve customer service, registration forms are being revised and provided in a format that can be filled out on your computer. Please call us at 800-891-1986 if you meet any difficulties or have any questions about registration. For requesting the prospective student package and class materials, please click here.

Preview the Chapter 1 and 2 of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (Volume I, Fundamental Principles)
This text, Fundamental Principles, is the first of four volumes which comprise the textbook series 'Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine'. This first volume presents in detail the basic principles of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine(TCVM).

The Guide of Quick Selection for Chinese Herbal Formulas

"Because of the tremendous amount of information embodied in herbal medicine, it is the most time-consuming portion of TCVM. Therefore, the impetus for writing this handbook is based on my own personal experience with the Western veterinarians. As a teacher, I feel that it is my responsibility to find an easy way for Western veterinarians to learn Chinese herbal medicine and be able to integrate it into their practice. "                          --- Dr. Huisheng Xie

Application Form for the TCVM Membership of Chi Institute
Although the main purpose of our website is to provide service for the Certified Veterinarians in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) registered at China National TCVM Society and Chi Institute, We also offer the TCVM membership to the veterinarians who got certified from other accredited institutes, such as IVAS, Tuft, AAVA....

Application Form for Clinical Internship in Veterinary Acupuncture
Please have your internship supervisor fill this form and mail or fax it back to us. After your Veterinary Acupuncture case report and 30-hour internship approved, you will be certified as the Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist on the registers of the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine and China National Society of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

Clinical Intake Pets Questionnarire

For assisting TCVM practitioners to collect TCVM diagnosis information for clinical intake animals, we design this form which may be filled by pets' owners. This form will collect owner contact information, pet's major complaints and the pet characteristic of Five Elements. It is also a good reference when you submit the case consultation to Dr. Xie. If you have any suggestions for this form, please email zhen@tcvm.com.


Equine TCVM Assessment (diagnosis and treatment) Form

This file was designed as an intake form for equine patients. It is useful to record: signalment, TCVM physical exam including the equine body scan, diagnosis and both acupuncture and herbal treatment. Use it as is or as a template for your own TCVM intake form.

TCVM Newsletter Free Download

Chi Scholarship for Junior/Senior CVM Students
The Chi Institute is very pleased to announce its first scholarship program. Our scholarship program is directed to aid the new doctor, while at the very beginning of their career, get a foothold in the study and skills of TCVM. We believe that the integrated study of TCVM with modern western medicine will provide doctors with a more complete understanding of health and disease.
Pleaes click here to download Scholarship Application Package.