Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to enroll in the Acupuncture CE course in China? 

Our acupuncture courses are only offered to licensed veterinarians and veterinary school students who have completed at least one year of Veterinary Medical School only.  However, no prior knowledge of acupuncture or TCVM is required.

2. Do I need to speak Chinese in order to attend the China class?

No, all of the lectures and labs for the China class are taught in English.

3. Do I need a visa to attend this class?

Yes, if you are not a citizen of China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, you will need a visa to enter China. We recommend that you apply for a Single Entry Tourist (L) Visa.

Single Entry Tourist (L) visa requires the following documentation:

  • Flight ticket with detailed itinerary to China.
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Visa application form, passport size photo, and a fee.
You can apply for the visa directly from the Chinese embassy or consulate in person, or use a visa/travel service agent to help you get the visa.


4. I'm a USA citizen. Do you have any recommendations for visa agents in the USA?

If you are a US citizen, we recommend the following visa agents:

Travisa Visa Service
1731 21st Street NW
Washington D.C. 20009
Phone: 202-463-6166
Fax: 202-293-1112
They have offices in Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Puerto Rico and San Francisco. 
Please check their website for more details.

5. Where is the class located?

Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province Star Street Jiashan Avenue 399 No. 7 Landmark Plaza Building 7

6. Where does the China class fit into the Acupuncture course?

The course in China is equivalent to the first 2 sessions of our 5 session Acupuncture course.

7. Do you cover any equine material during this class?

Yes, Two tracks are offered for the Acupuncture in China course: Canine and Equine. Students may choose to enroll in one of these tracks.

8. How fast does this class usually fill up?

The class in China, like many of our other classes, tends to fill up very quickly, so it is highly recommended that you register as soon as possible.

10. There is a double occupancy room option. Can I choose my own roommate?

Most definitely, in fact, we encourage it. We try our best to accommodate students' roommate requests. You can either choose your own roommate, or we can randomly pair you with another student. If you would prefer your own room, you do have the option to upgrade your accommodation to a single room for an additional fee. Accomodation services are only offered for the 1st on-site session.

11. Do you help arrange travel booking?

No, you are responsible for making your own travel arrangements for getting to and from China. We arrange the necessary travel during the class (transportation to and from the class and labs, as well as for the tour and class activities).

12. For the Basic Acupuncture CE course, it says that you must register for all 5 sessions. If I sign up for the first session, does that mean that I will have a spot in the later sessions?

Enrollment in the this China course does not automatically reserve you a seat in sessions 3-5 at any campus. You have to register for Sessions 3-5 separately through any Chi Institute Basic Acupuncture CE courses. Because our classes tend to fill up very quickly, it is highly recommended that you register for the later sessions as soon as possible, so that you lessen the chances of your desired course being full.

13. I really want to attend the China class, but I'm a vet student, and my money is very tight. Are there any scholarships available for this course?

Yes, there is! We are offering up to 15, $1,600 scholarships for qualifying applicants. In order to qualify, you must: 

  • Be a student currently enrolled in a Veterinary Medical School course
  • Present a valid student ID
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from a CVM faculty member
  • Participate in the TCVM Knowledge Contest
  • Submit a Personal Statement on your interest in TCVM

14. Can my spouse/significant other accompany me?

Yes, it is not uncommon for some students to bring their spouses with them. If you would like to bring your spouse or significant other to China with you, you need to contact us when you register so that we can provide you with the particulars of this arrangement.  If you both require a hotel room, then you will each need to pay $500 for a double occupancy room and we will ensure that you are roommates for the duration of the class.  This fee will also entitle your guest to 3 meals per day and entry into the welcome dinner party.