Student Feedback

I really like the camaraderie between students and the accessibility of the instructors. They are always willing to have discussions, answer questions and truly teach. They are not caught up in their "esteemed status" but are truly humble. I appreciate that. It facilitates an environment for learning. The overall atmosphere at the Chi is peaceful, low stress and encourages learning and does not foster the competitive feel that I have gotten from some opportunities for continuing education.

Joshua Harper, DVM (Sandy, UT) - Equine Class of 2015

This course provided the most information, provided in a logical manner, I have ever taken away from a conference!

Amy Munsterman, DVM (Notasulga, AL) - Equine Class of 2015

Thorough, friendly, labs are great.

Erica Ossi, DVM (Louisville, KY)- Equine Class of 2013


 I thought it was well organized and the subject matter had a nice flow to it. I liked the lectures being in the morning with the afternoon for labs.


Jaime Horner, DVM (Califon, NJ)- Equine Class of 2013


Excellent course, the instructors taught in a way to help us wrap our heads around a new type of medicine.

Dinah Skorich, DVM (Wallkill, NY) - Equine Class of 2012

Being a new graduate, I never thought I'd be excited about learning something new so quickly out of school. I now have a true advantage in my diagnostic skills and treatment options. This is awesome!


Tai Curry, DVM (Brandon, MS) - Equine Class of 2008

The volume of information presented at first seemed daunting; however, as promised, it has all come together and the basic diagnosis and treatment principles are clear. Excellent overall experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to any equine practitioner interested in acupuncture and TCVM.

Beth Hirsch, DVM (Vineand, NJ) - Equine Class of 2008

This course has been a fabulously information-packed and well rounded learning experience! Dr. Xie's ideals and philosophies are so well-developed and carried throughout each lecture presented by him and his associates. The Chi Institute is a hidden treasure!  ....I thought I was coming for an acupuncture class and I'm walking away with so much more than I ever thought possible. Keep it up you guys - you rock!

Kim Keeton, DVM (Watkinsville, GA) - Equine Class of 2008

Everything has been wonderful - one of the most nurturing and supportive environments I've ever been in!

Megan Ross, DVM (Aberdeen, NC) - Equine Class of 2008

Thank you for creating such a warm and appreciative environment! Your protection of and priority to the learning environment, combined with the amazing hospitality have made this class a genuine treasure!

Patricia Glover, DVM (Pulaski, WI) - Equine Class of 2007

You are the best.

Linda Reznicek, DVM (Penn Valley, CA) - Equine Class of 2007