Recent Student Testimonials

After finishing the course, I feel confident to practice acupuncture and not worried I’m going to do it wrong. The training was great.

Carrie Uehlein, DVM  
(Huntersville, NC) 

I have really enjoyed this style of teaching. It's low stress and I get the genuine feeling that each person at Chi wants to see me succeed. It’s very supportive, which makes for an environment very conductive to learning.

Cerissa Noble DVM (Stow, OH) 

I have enjoyed this course immensely. It is the most well organized CE I have been to. All of the people at Chi have been wonderful to learn from and work with. It is an incredibly positive and supportive environment.

Jennifer Iannaccone, DVM (Manorville, NY) 

Excellent instructors, support staff and facility staff. I felt all my needs were met and questions answered.

Mary Beth Polek, DVM (Huntington, NY) 

This was great and I am so happy I decided to take the first step and did not talk my self out of doing it because of travel and fear of the unknown. Everyone was so positive and helpful. It makes me want to keep learning. Thank you.

Carole Castro, VMD (Douglassville, PA) 

Things are run so well!  I feel very supported on every level.  Rather than being an added stress, it has been a real pleasure.  The travel is a small challenge, but the time on-site is so rewarding and fun!  We had great lab instructors both sessions.

Cary Nulton, DVM (New York, NY)

Dr. Xie's lectures are outstanding. Very engaging speaker. The information is presented clearly and he guides you through the material in a way that you can easily understand.

Jessica Balter, DVM (Seaford, NY) 

 First off, I would like to thank you so much for an amazing time in the Small Animal Acupuncture course! This course was the most enjoyable and organized course I have taken. I also felt that the exams were very fair and I have learned a great deal. All of the instructors and TAs were extremely helpful and showed excellent teaching skills.

Carissa Smullen, DVM (Auburn, NH) 

Practicing Tai-ji was excellent way to start our morning. It helped me to stay focus in lectures. Excellent instructors as well.

Arman Behboud, DVM (Saratoga, CA) 

Overall, this is a wonderful program and very well organized.

Gwen DeBaere, DVM (Watsonville, CA) 

The course was an amazing learning experience.

Kimberly Mah, VMD 
(Jermyn, PA) 

I really enjoyed the course and found it very interesting.

Nancy Holling, DVM (B.C., CANADA)

This was fascinating and A LOT of work, as it should be, I suppose. Got A TON out of it..

Alexandra Fischer, DVM (Vienna, VA) 

Great course...It fullfilled all my expectations...I hope I can keep taking futures courses... Thank you for the opportunity to be there.

Juan Gomez de la Torre, DVM (Lima, PERU)

Dr. Xie is an excellent teacher. He made it easier for me to understand this new medicine, repetition of certain principles was important and I soon became more comfortable. A very good teaching technique to have us read the required text TCVM Fundamental Principles before on-line classes, everything was already familiar.

Diane Noel, DVM (Quebec, CANADA) 

The lecture on how to treat cancer patients was very helpful. It is always nice to see an actual patient and assess tongue and pulse, then work through the diagnosis and treatment plan. I am continually amazed at all of the work and good will that gets poured into putting these classes on. I have waited for so many years to take this course and am so very thankful for such gifted teachers. THANK YOU!!!!

Jean Hollenstein, DVM (Glenwood, MN) 

Great program. I wish I would have enrolled 20 years ago but better late than never. The sessions always inspire me to learn more. I have a small animal pain clinic and 90% of my practice is old dogs with pain issues. It already has helped many of my patients by giving me more tools to use and compliments the rehabilitative therapies too. I look forward to continuing to study other topics of TCVM. THANK YOU.

Tami Shearer, DVM (Whittier, NC)


This class was amazing! I love the small lab groups and the information is presented wonderfully. I now see how TCVM courses can become addicting!

Amanda Ramage, DVM (Westmont, IL)

An excellent course! The ideal blend of introducing new concepts, adding details and nuances to previously introduced concepts, and repeating core concepts to assure a solid foundation. The faculty too was excellent - not just knowledgeable, but enthusiastic. I was particularly impressed with the lab team and setup. The course was not cheap, especially with travel added in, but I would not hesitate for a moment to do it again or recommend it to others.

Peggy Danneman, VMD (Bar Harbor, ME) 

Dr. Xie’s knowledge, passion, compassion and teaching ability are superb!

Elizabeth Friedman, DVM
(Los Angeles, CA) 

This has been one of the best learning experiences of my life. I came to Acupuncture seeking to add another “tool” to my practice and instead it has totally transformed the way I practice (for the better), not to mention my life. I was amazed to see how at first an idea (Yin/Yang, 5 elements etc) felt foreign and odd and in the next minute it became natural and clear. Dr. Xie is a gifted teacher and I am looking forward to expand my knowledge in TCVM (Herbals Etc).

Nama Atid, DVM (Berkeley, CA) 

Just wanted to let you and Dr. Xie know that I think the first session was awesome!!! I was very stressed on arrival, but each day got better. A tremendous amount of info to absorb, but everyone was very nice and helpful. I am sincerely glad that I enrolled, and I hope to successfully complete the program and be certified. Looking forward to learning even more. Thanks!!

Darlene White, DVM (Chattanooga, TN)

I entered the school expecting to learn data but left with a life experience and friends I hope to keep for a life time. Thank you for your sensitivity and kindness. When I finished the last basic acupuncture module at CHI, I felt that I was walking away with a full mind, but also a full heart, and a sense of worth. Being put in a situation that encouraged success, during a period of my life in which I have struggled with so many physical and emotional changes, left me with a new inner strength and belief in myself. 

Brenda Ellens, DVM (Brighton, MI) 

I am very happy that I chose to study at Chi. The integration of Acupuncture with the rest of the modalities of TCVM, combined with Dr. Xie's amazing expertise, the knowledgeable and helpful teaching staff, and all the support people have made this a lifetime event for me.

Rene Gandolfi, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Castro Valley, CA)

Dr. Xie, I just wanted to thank you for bringing your wisdom, energy, spirit, patience, and knowledge to the United States to share them with us. Because you have shared the "secrets" of the wonderful Chinese culture, I am able to help animals in ways I never could before....  I know we are all better veterinarians because we have studied under you and that we have healed many more pets than we would have because we have met you. Thanks for being YOU and for bringing your family to Florida!

Denette Cooke, DVM (Chesapeake, VA)