Student Feedback

Absolutely exceeded my hopes and expectations, and just increased the level of passion, excitement and potential for success in my veterinary daily practice. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Elena J Shirley, DVM (Tulsa, OK) - Dermatology 2015


The more I learn about herbals, the more I try to integrate them into my patients' treatment plans. After each course, I am so motivated by having just learned so much fantastic information!

Darcy L. Forber, DVM, CVA (Melbourne, FL) - Gastrointestinal 2015

The entire course was excellent. I thought it was all useful information that I will use on a regular basis. Thanks so much for providing this excellent continuing education, it makes me feel much more confident in practicing TCVM.

Susan Nadeau, DVM (Alberta, Canada) - Kidney 2015

Overall, another Excellent learning experience from the Chi!!! The Chi course is the best learning I have taken in 20+ yrs and best CE on the PLANET!!!

Joyce Gerardi, DVM (New Bern, NC) - Kidney 2015

I will never be able to thank you enough for teaching me skills that has helped so many patients when very often I was there last hope.  Without question, TCVM has been one of the most challenging things that I have ever done but also one of the most rewarding!

 Larry McCaskill, DVM, CVA, CVCH (Oscar, LA) - Student of all Herbal Modules

Dr. Xie is always excellent and intuitive on what areas tend to be confusing for students. Love his cases and the way he conducts labs.

Catherine Rowan-Collier, DVM (Santa Rosa Beach, FL) - Gastrointestinal Online 2012

I love the Chi and would love to take more herbal classes.

Janice Huntingford, DVM (Ontario, Canada) - Liver/Endocrinology On-site 2012

I love listening to Dr. Xie lecture! It brings back so many happy memories of my time at Chi!

Nicole Kayser, DVM (Homer, NY) - Liver/Endocrinology Online 2012


I am enjoying the TCVM experience and am looking forward to applying my new knowledge into practice... TCVM has greatly expanded my view of how the body works and what influences disease. I am proud to be part of this experience. Thank you all at the Chi institute. 

Jim Carlson, DVM (McHenry, IL) - Cardiovascular & Respiratory Disorders 2010