Course Overview

Veterinary Topographic Acupuncture is a minimal needle, distal point, ultra-rapidly acting and highly efficacious system of Channel-diagnosed acupuncture as well as Channel treatment. This system is derived from human acupuncture styles popularized by Dr. Richard Tan, Dr. Robert Doane, and Dr. Tung. Veterinary acupuncture is unique in multiple ways.  One of the most salient differences between human and veterinary acupuncture is that the acupuncture points in the distal tissues, which are the most important tissues to be needled in this system, are not located in the same place as human acupuncture points. Add to this the complexity that there are multiple important species which veterinarians treat, and between these species the distal acupuncture points vary widely as well. 

This course is taught and developed by Dr. Bruce Ferguson who has experimented with and discovered an accurate way of applying these techniques to animal species over the past 10 years. Students will learn how to treat common Channel disharmonies in canine, feline and equine patients.

The course will be broken up into two modules that will cover:

  • Review of basic tenants of Veterinary Topographic Acupuncture
  • Identification of important distal point locations and tissues used to treat disharmonies
  • Presentation of common channel and Zang-fu organ disharmonious and simple, rapid protocols for their resolution
Course Features
  • 40 hours CE course with 32 CE hours approved by RACE (16 hours for each session)
  • 16 hours wet labs with intensive hands-on learning
  • Small animal and equine wet lab, where students can learn on live animal
  • Free case consultation with TCVM experts for all students
  • Complimentary lunches for each day of class
  • Morning Tai-ji and Qi-gong meditation before class

  • Completion of the basic Veterinary Acupuncture Course (Sessions 1-4) from the Chi Institute or a veterinary acupuncture course from another accredited institution.

Lodging and Accommodations

For information about accommodations, travel, and what to pack, please visit our lodging and accommodations page.

Lead instructor, Dr. Bruce Ferguson has been practicing Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for over 15 years.