Small Animal Acupuncture Registration Options

2018 Small Animal Acupuncture Spring Class is currently full. Please see below for your available options:

1. Register for the Wait List (with a guaranteed spot in the 2019 Spring class)
You will gain complete access to Fall Session 1 (online lectures, class binder in the mail and Chi faculty support by email or phone). 
If a seat becomes available in the Fall on-site Session 2 class, you will be contacted to continue for the remaining 4 sessions (3 onsite sessions in Florida and 1 online session) and graduate in Dec 2018. If no seats become available for Fall Session 2, then you may continue your study in the 2019 Spring class and graduate in June 2019.

2. Attend the program through Chi Australia

Chi Institute international acupuncture course located in Australia is equivalent to the regular 5-session 130-hr Basic Acupuncture program. The program is presented in five sessions (5 online modules with three on-site wet labs).

3. Attend the program through Chi Europe

Chi Institute international acupuncture course located in Madrid, Spain is a great opportunity for those students living in Europe, or those who have always wanted to travel there.

Chi Institute international acupuncture course located in Bali, Indonesia is equivalent to the regular Small Animal 5-session Basic Acupuncture program. The first on-site session is equivalent to Sessions 1 and 2 of the regular program.