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Certificación en Acupuntura Veterinaria por Método del Balance
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Su correo electrónico será usado por el Instituto de Chi para comunicarse con usted. Por favor, asegúrese de modificar su correo de buzón electrónico a modo que pueda recibir todos los correos que terminan en y así poder recibir información importante sobre nuestros cursos. 

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** Porfavor note que la cuota de inscripción no es reembolsable y debe ser pagada al momento de su registración. 

La colegiatura mostrada arriba es el costo del curso por ser registración temprana y el pago recibido 60 días o antes del inicio de cada sesión.  La colegiatura por cada sesión tiene un incremento en costo de USD $50 por cada pago que sea recibido dentro de los 60 días antes del inicio de cada sesión. 

Additional Tuition: $0   (if registering Mixed Practice Program)

Monto total de Colegiature: $

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En caso de no querer pagar el monto total en su momento de registración, usted otorga permiso al Instituto del Chi de cobrar el monto restante de su colegiatura automáticamente en esta tarjeta 60 días antes del comienzo de cada sesión. De otra forma usted tendrá que notificar con tiempo de anticipación que quiere realizar su pago de otra forma.

**Si decide no pagar con tarjeta de crédito, no podemos garantizar reservarle su cupo hasta que hayamos recibido su pago.  TODOS los cheques deben ser escritos a bancos dentro de Estados Unidos- En dólares Estadounidenses-  Favor de escribir los cheques a: Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine. Favor de incluir su nombre y programa de estudio en la línea de memo si es que va a pagar con un cheque de compañía o negocio. Su pago debe ser recibido por lo menos 60 dias antes de cada sesión para recibir la tarifa por su registración temprana. 

***Por favor tenga en mente que cada transferencia bancaria electrónica tendrá un cargo adicional de $25 USD.

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The following policies apply to all on-site and on-line classes offered by the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (CHI).
I. Registration
A. Enrollment
Students can enroll for on-site and on-line classes by contacting CHI as follows:
  - On-line registration at
  - Email registration form to:  
  - Fax registration form to: +1-800-860-1543
B. Confirmation of enrollment
For CHI on-site and on-line class registrations each student or student representative will receive a confirmation of enrollment via e-mail. If you do not receive your confirmation, please contact CHI at +1-800-860-1543.
C. Payment options 
CHI offers several payment options. The payment method must be established at the time of registration for the class. Students may pay for the class fees via Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), or via Bank check, money order, or wire transfer. (Wire transfer instructions will be provided upon request.)
D. On-line Class access
Access to on-line classes is only available via an Internet connection. On-line class participants must have an appropriate user ID and password provided by CHI to gain access. If the Student experiences difficulty in accessing the On-line Product, all support services are provided as stated in the access notification documentation.

II. Class Transfers

A. CHI on-site and on-line class transfers will only be processed by calling our registration department directly at +1-800-860-1543 or emailing CHI will confirm all transfer requests by fax or e-mail. If the student does not receive a confirmation of transfer within three (3) business days of the request, the student should call +1-800-860-1543 to reconfirm. Financial responsibility remains with the student for all class fees unless a proper transfer request is received and confirmed by CHI prior to the start of the class.
B. On-site and On-line class transfers are subject to the following fees:
Date of transfer request             Applicable fees:
(measured from the first day of the class)
* More than 30 calendar days    No charge
* 30 or fewer calendar days      10% of the total class fee
C. The student is responsible for paying any difference in tuition or fee increase between the registered class and the transferred class. A class registration can be transferred only ONCE. After the transfer, the registration is no longer able to be cancelled or transfered and any payment associated with it is no longer refundable.


III. Class Cancellations
A. CHI on-site and on-line class cancellations will only be processed by calling our registration department directly at +1-800-860-1543 or emailing CHI will confirm all cancellations requests by fax or e-mail. If the student does not receive a confirmation of cancellation within three (3) business days of the request, the student should call +1-800-860-1543 to reconfirm. Financial responsibility remains with the student for all class fees unless a proper cancellation request is received and confirmed by CHI prior to the start of the class. International students attending a class are responsible for any government customs, regulations, and restrictions.If a student is refused entry into the United States, the standard cancellation charges will apply.

B. The following on-site and on-line class cancellation fee schedule applies:
Date of cancellation request       Applicable fees:

measured from the first day of the class
* More than 60 calendar days   No charge/Full Refund
* 30 - 60 calendar days              25% of the total class fee
* 15 - 29 calendar days              50% of the total class fee
* 8 - 14 calendar days                75% of the total class fee
* 7 or fewer calendar days     100% of the total class fee

IV. Fees and Refunds

A. All cancellation and transfer fees will be charged to credit cards provided by the student at the time of registering for the class.
B. For a cancellation with payment(s), the refund of the paid amount less the cancellation fee will be issued. All refunds for credit card payments are subject to 4% of the total refund amount as a processing charge.

V. Miscellaneous

A. Non-smoking facilities
The Chi Institute is dedicated to providing a clean and comfortable environment for all, as such, smoking is NOT permitted in any areas of the Chi Institute.
B. Classroom and Wet Lab dress code
The dress code in all CHI classroom facilities is casual. Please be aware that all indoor facilities are air-conditioned and a light jacket or sweater may be preferred. All students participating equine or large animal wet labs are required to wear boots or horse working shoes for safety.
C. Recording policy
CHI strictly prohibits the recording and rebroadcast of audio or video of our classes and educational events. This applies to on-line and on-site events.
D. Participant Exclusion
CHI reserves the right to exclude a participant from attending any Course due to disorderly conduct, failure to observe any of CHI's rules of participation, or failure to attend the prerequisite class(es) for a particular Course. Chi reserves the right to deny the participant a refund under these, or other, circumstances.
E. Intellectual property
All CHI class materials, including class handouts, training manuals, exams, homework and on-line lecture or lab video, etc.,are confidential and proprietary information of CHI and copyrighted by CHI. The student agrees not to disclose any of this information to any third party or use such information except as expressly permitted herein.The student acknowledges that it is illegal and a violation of this agreement to copy or distribute any CHI class materials among non-registered persons without written authorization from CHI. The student acknowledges that CHI shall be entitled to seek injunctive relief and damages for any breach of this agreement by Student from which irreparable harm would ensue.
F. Data protection, privacy
CHI uses secure technologies to protect Students' personal data. The Student agrees to the collection, processing, and use of his or her personal data to the extent necessary for processing the registration. CHI may use Students' postal and e-mail addresses for promotions (for example, invitations to classes, class news, and registration in CHI's student database). However, CHI uses opt-in procedures for its promotions where the receiver expressly agrees in advance to receive information. In any case, CHI allows the recipient to opt out of a mailing list at any time. 
G. Disclaimer
CHI reserves the right to cancel, and/or reschedule any published scheduled class. The student's sole remedy shall be the refund of prepaid course fees. CHI is not responsible for airfare, lodging, or other related expenses including any airline penalties incurred. Under no circumstances shall CHI be liable for any direct, or indirect, consequential, or special damages. CHI SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND RESULTING FROM ERRORS OR OMISSIONS IN THE TRAINING MATERIALS, NOR SHALL CHI BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THE TRAINING MATERIALS OR OTHER INFORMATION CONVEYEDIN A CHI COURSE.


H. Student Agreements
1. As a condition to enrollment and participation in any class or course offering, all students waive all liability of CHI and its agents and representatives (the "Released parties") and agree to hold the Released parties harmless, indemnify them, discharge them, covenant not to sue them, and reimburse them for any liability, claims, sums, costs, or other expenses incurred by any student that may be caused in whole or in part by participating in any class or course offered by CHI.

2. Each student understands that a photographer may be present to photograph the activities at any course or class offered by CHI and that each student may be photographed while participating in the class or course.
3. As an education provider, the Chi Institute values the privacy of our students, faculty and guest speakers. In an effort to respect and protect the intellectual rights, copyrights and privacy of our speakers and faculty we ask that our students refrain from using any video and audio recording or transmitting devices during lectures and labs. Materials used during lectures, on-site presentations, in wet labs or online presentations (video, graphic, photograph, etc.) may also have their own copyright which may be violated by being recorded for personal use or for distribution. Students found in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.