$43,000 Scholarship for Veterinary School Students

The Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine is very pleased to announce its scholarship program for veterinary school students. Since our inception we have been dedicated to providing the very best training and education in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).
Our CVM Scholarship program is directed to aid the new doctors, while at the very beginning of their career, get a foothold in the study and skills of TCVM. We believe that the integrated study of TCVM with modern western medicine will provide doctors with a more complete understanding of health and disease.
These scholarships are available exclusively for our Acupuncture programs located at our main campus in Reddick, Florida. If you apply for any of our other scholarships as well, you may be awarded multiple scholarships, however, you are only eligible to select one.
Qualifications and Requirements

To qualify, applicants must:

  • Be a current junior or senior student in an accredited college of veterinary medicine (CVM)
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from a CVM faculty member
  • Participate in the TCVM Knowledge Contest
Scholarship Prizes

1st prize:  $4,000 value, 2 winners

2nd prize: $2,500 value, 4 winners

3rd prize:  $1,500 value, 6 winners

4th prize:  $1,000 value, 16 winners

Total:       $43,000

How to Apply

      Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine
      9650 W Hwy 318
      Reddick, FL 32686, USA

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Scholarships may not be applied to the MS-TCVM program tuition. The MS-TCVM program adheres to tuition guidelines established by the DEAC.